Eng – Desenzano

To see Desenzano del Garda in one day you can: the one that is considered to be the real capital of the largest lake in Italy is a major tourist destination not only for beaches , shops or many famous locals that animate the nights in summer of many tourists. Desenzano is also culture , rich in places and curiosities to discover.

But where exactly Desenzano is? We are in the southern part of Lake Garda , in the province of Brescia , a few kilometers from Sirmione. Desenzano is also one of the largest towns that overlook the lake.

What we can see in one day in Desenzano del Garda?


Desenzano – View

We start the guided tour in Desenzano in 6 stages :

  1. The archaeological museum and the oldest plow in the world

The particularity of this museum, named Giovanni Rambotti, is that here is preserved the oldest plow of the world dating to the Bronze Age or more than 2,000 years before Christ. The museum collects and exhibits finds and artefacts found along the southern banks of Benaco and dating back to prehistoric times . This is a stage for those who love history and want to know the origin of the people of Lower Garda.

  1. The castle of Desenzano

Formerly used to defend the city from the barbarian invasions thanks to its strategic position, the Castle of Desenzano dominates the village.


Desenzano – entrance castle

Many claim that this castle is a true ” terrace on the Garda ” as the panoramic view is one of the main reasons why anyone visiting Desenzano should “jump to the castle”.

  1. Monuments of the Old Town

All of Desenzano’s old town is populated by a series of monuments that can be admired during a simple walk through the streets of the city. The old town dates back to the sixteenth century thanks to the work of Giulio Todeschini, a famous architect of the time.


Desenzano – old harbor

Here we find the Palazzo del Provveditore and in the same square the monument to S. Angela Merici built in 1782. Moving on the lakeshore you can visit the monument of General Achille Papa , work by Giancarlo Maroni the same who designed the Vittoriale of D’Annunzio, the promenade of Riva and the monument of the fallen of all wars, modern work.

  1. Todeschini Palace and the old harbor

Another point of Desenzano not to be missed is the old harbor , originally built in 1200 as a grain market during the Venetian Republic. On the dock stands Todeschini palace , another work by Todeschini, the original commune of Desenzano. A peculiarity of this palace is the “stone of the unemployed” where old-fashioned convictions for bankruptcy occurred.


Desenzano – new Faro port

  1. The Duomo and “The Last Supper of Tiepolo”

One of the reasons to visit the Desenzano Cathedral is that it is one of the most important Renaissance testimonies of the entire province of Brescia, despite the fact that the facade is full of Baroque decorative elements. Inside, “The Last Supper”, famous Tiepolo canvas , is preserved in the Chapel of SS. Sacrament.

  1. The Roman Villa in Desenzano

Released to light in 1921, the Roman Villa of Desenzano is to be visited mainly because it is one of the oldest ancient villas of the most important northern Italy. The most important work is the over 240 square meters of polychrome mosaics .


Desenzano – Villa Romana

We arrived at the end of our tour for Desenzano. I hope you enjoyed it!